New character Reaping shadow

I have a new character for the Halloween AU thing.
Her name is Reaping shadow and she also has a little back story.
Here is a little info of Reaping shadow…

Real name: ???
Gender: Female
Colors: Skin= black, hoodie= very dark blue, pants= gray, boots = black.
This character lives in the same dimension as our Pumpmkin guy friend with no name yet.
Her eyes are closed but she can open them….. she only refuse to do so but she’s also a kinda huge bat thing.
She moves on sounds….. she also makes a weird little sounds to see where she is this is not needed when her eyes are open though.
This girl became a sort of monster in her past.
After a while being a monster no where to go she figured out that a other creature was responsible for her weird mutation.
She decided to find the one responsible and ask him to make her normal again.
The adventure wasn’t easy because there was a organization who hunter monsters and creatures like her and others.
When she faces the creature who is responsible for her mutation she asked if she could be turned normal again.
The monster laughed and explained that she can’t be fixed and that she will stay like this forever.
The girl became sad and angry at the same time.
Never will she see her friends and parents….family.
The creature gave her the opportunity to join his group but she denied it and started to attack the creature.
The organization that hunt on monsters watched as how the girl killed the creature.
The organization was suprized and gave the girl the opportunity to join their group, they will fight to save the world form killing creatures and monsters as the one she killed now.
She accepted it and killed many monster’s and creatures after that.
Her next one you ask?…..hehehe….. our pumpkin friend isn’t going to be caught… he?

reapingshadow1 reapingshadow2 rs1111


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