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I’m finally done with it!
But I have the feeling I meesed up the last Exam of Nature and Chemistry.
On my school Nature and Chemistry are one school subject not two.
So I tried my best I may do it one more time over to see if I can make it this time!
Also I’m at 900 € of the 1500 € for my studdy!
So this vacation I’ll be working a lot….hey I got a dream and I am going to hunt it!
Not follow! why? Well it keeps running faster and faster…..but I’m not letting go of it…
Not when I’m so close!


Just an idea!

So here me out!
I got and Becon crafter a dark lord and I will upload more about him…….I hope.
The end lord is from the new The dark traitor AU that I made.
So why not making it complete by making a nether guy!
A guy from london 1910 and he is cures with a devil within.
He will finally accept it and become one with the devil…Devil from the Nether AU
But if I got a Beacon crafter an Ender dark lord and a Nether cures guy…..
I think I will make little comic’s about the three!
Villan party at becon carfter’s home!

Lichtningbolt MLP shape drawing

I haven’t drew Lichtningbolt in her MLP shape for a while.
I changed the cutie mark a bit btw…
I’m also sorry for not being that full time active.
But hey I need drawing time …I got work…and school…well you shere later about that!
Here have a Lichtningbolt MLP shape to make you happy!

Bendy’s prank | BATIM fan comic

I think bendy doesn’t like Alice angel they could be happy partners for the show.
But a demon and angel in one room….nha!
I think Alice is to nice and Bendy is just a little devil doing evil pranks and that stuff.
I also think bendy did more of theese things the reson why boris want’s to ask what he did this time!

If you want to dub this tell me!!!