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We passed our exam!

So I wanted to thank and give them something!
I drew every main character and /or orginal character on one page as reward for passing their and my exam!
I hope they like it!
O ond I made it to a speedpaint! 😀


Just and idea not the final | TFME

Cysgod is the dark element…his island is full of demons… why isn’t he like his people….well..
He is!
Cysgod is also a demon but he has to power to change him self into a normal Inflaydion.
Here is and Idea of how the full version of the demon form looks like because on the end of book 4 he is confirmed to be a demon but not a full demon.
So when will he be a full demon or when will he have a full demon form….secters I love it!
Well here is a sketch or doodle for a full demon idea…
I will post the not full demon an other time!

You have to give credit to sammy | BATIM comic

we are not sure how Sammy got henry all the way to the place where henry wakes up and we also do not know how far that is!
So what if it was far away?
Sammy must have dragged, pick up and or did some other things to get Henry over there…right?
See here the comic with the logical explanation of sammy’s journey.
Bendy and the ink machine owend by TheMeatly

Also a sketch that is only posted here!
Feel special yet!