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Lichtningbolt doodle time | 3D Blender project

Hey sorry for not posting that much it’s just that I have been busy lately!
I reached 100 Subscribers on Youtube and that asks for a special video!
I WAS going to make a blender 3D animation but something went wrong…WOOPS!
I have to make the project all over again because I applied something that makes my computer/Blender very slow to do Sh!t!
So I’ll post here the images of the Blender project 1 as I will focus on making project 2.
For the 100 Subs video I’m going to do stuff in MMD ( Miku Miku Dance …it’s a program that let you make anime characters dance)
So I’ll me making a Lichtningbolt as an anime character in the PMX and PMD (software for modelling for MMD) with the help of bases from Deviantart so that I can at least have a quick 3D video…
Anyway that’s it for now…I gotta go animate fast!


Baby Marionette | FNAF

I have been in a role play for 2 days now but I was confused about the way my friends character looked like.
So I asked her a few thing so that I could draw her character and have a good vision of how she looks like.
So here is the Baby Marionette !
This character belong to:
On deviantart

Future version of the marionette | FNAF AU

This is my version of the Five Nights At Freddy’s Marionette.
But than from more to the future….because this is to modern to be 1987 Right?
I did a few more designs but that’s all on paper.
I think I need to find a day and start scanning some drawings so that I can post them.
Anyway I Hope you like it!

New video on youtube! | FNAF AU ANIMATIC

4 days ago I was watching a video and wonder how it would be if the characters in the video were the fnaf employees.
So I grabbed my draw board and pen and started drawing.
SEE HERE MY LATES …..UMMM…..YouTube video?



Just a little doodle comic thing!

Jeremy: Why are they like this?
Phone guy: I don’t know Jeremy!
I wonder how they got a job?
Purple guy: I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!!!
Mike: HAHAHHAHAHHA you can’t!
Purple guy WATCH ME!!!

Just an amazing little adventure of our best Employees!


Also here is purple guy is his orginal collors.

Fnaf character designs | Fnaf AU

Hey! it’s been a while since I posted something!
But I was thinking what if I made like my own versions of the Fnaf Nightguards/ Employees.


SO I hope you like him just as much as I like him!
Name: Jeremy Fitzgerald
Nickname: ??? (later it will be 87 but not now!)
gender: Male
Age: 17
School: He does ICT in a colleged ( I don’t have a name for the school yet! -_-+)
Reson why he works at freddy’s:
His mom and dad where poor so whe had to work pretty hard to get his money for college.
After a while he got the money and wen’t linving on his own. He moved to an other place but still needed a job.
Once a he read a news article about Freddy fazbear and bofer he knew he was part of the team!


So here we got The Purple guy!
BTW I just can’t Imagine this guy different I JUST CAN’T!!!!

Name: William Afton
Nickname: Purple guy
Fakename: Dave Miller
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Reson why he work at Freddy’s:
He is the co founder of Freddy’s he build the animatronic’s there is no need to explain that!

We all know what he will be in the future..


So here we got The Phone guy!
BTW I just can’t Imagine this guy different I JUST CAN’T!!!!

Name: Scott
Nickname: Phone guy
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Reson why he work at Freddy’s:

Sad that he will…you know… x-x


So here we got Mike Schmidt..
yepthat’s right you’re not blind!
That of mine got hair! xD

Name: Mike schmidt
Nickname: ??? (don’t have any yet!)
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Reson why he work at Freddy’s:
He needs money to live. He doesn’t go to school anymore he finished that but no one want him for some reason.
So he saw a job open at Freddy’s and now he’s part of the team. Jeremy helps Mike with working at the Night shift and to make
sure Mike isn’t going to make some trouble. The two are friends!

Mike stays mike…with some more Injuries of working at Freddy’s

and that’s all for now! 😉