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Shadowkin speedpaint | HAHAHAHA I’M BACK!!!!!

I once drew Shadowkin in the beginning of my School.
I drew him very nice back there but regret the fact that I didn’t record it!
Now a few month later I was about to make the same mistake….BUT NOT NOW!!! NOT AGAIN!!!
I started OBS and Recored the hole thing accept the sketch….woops!
Anyway! I really love how it truned out you really can see the difference between before and now!
Well this was made for Shiz and giggles …..for no real reason!
But I started to write on the story again! so I’ll think I change the cover to this one! looks more….AWSOME!
Anyway time to go!


2018 so far

Hi it’s been awhile I hope that you all had a great years change!
I did! Anyway for now what will I do this year!
What will change?
Not much but a few things!
1. I’ll try to only swear in the Inflaydion language.
2. I want to get my black belt.
3. I’m going to draw more and try to post on time.
4. try to make more videos.
5. Halloween special 2017 remastered.
6. Christmas special 2018.
7. school….urg!
8. use my outro more often!
Any this is it so far!
Guardian out!