Halloween sniper 3d model Maya | SCHOOL PROJECT

For school we worked in Autodesk Maya and the project theme was; Making a weapon tha’s not made the kill or hurt anyone.
So I made a sniper that shoots Halloween candy.
But it’s more Halloween marshmallow because candy would still hurt once fired from a sniper.
Sadly we didn’t learn how to texture it.
Anyway I tried my best and I’m proud of my result!


3D project | JUST A TEST IN SKILLS!!!

I like how it turned out!….it’s so nice and smooth! made in 3dsMax.
The classes became better and better.
I really enjoy 3D but school also takes a lot from my ability to keep up my social media’s….sorry for not posting that much!

So modeling for fun | NURRO DOXIC 3D MODEL

SO as you all should know by now I’m 3D game artist in study…BLAH…BLAH….BLAH
Look I was bored and I needed to do something so I just went off and made myself a male and female model!
So I than started to create a character out of it! and well yeah I took Nurro Doxic….because his clothes are easy and I allready made his gun once!
So yeet again…I’m doing something with the toxic radioactive boiii!
Anyway! tell me if you want the borrow / use the male and female base models if I get enough requests I might think of selling it on Deviantart…

For now…..I hope to finish this soon!
Guardian OUT!!!


3D modeling test in 3Ds Max | SCHOOL PROJECT!

First class was great easy and a lot of information on so many subjects!
The project was to create a little gun while trying to find back how every thing worked.
And we had 10 minutes for it!

It looks horrible I know… xD
Second we tried to use some cool features in 3DsMax.
I forgot how or what it was but we had the power to create cool barrels with it.

As last thing we had to make a box. To show and see what we could do so far.
Well I had to start over a few time dude to messing up in terrible ways but I got not 1 but 3 cool 3D boxes.

We also got an awesome way of rendering in Arnold which looks better.
So we will see more high quality renders!

3D game art | 3D SHOOTER GAME ART PROJECT!!!!!

Sintlucas is a school for creative minded people!
What do I study on Sintlucas? Well I study Game art and Animtaion!
I always wanted this and now I’m getting there!
I had game art 2 times this year and now it was time for the 3th.
And I allready did stuff in blender….like the lichtningbolt doodle time Au model!
But this time I need to work in 3Dsmax and unity…. AWESOME!!!
We made a shooter game where you can’t shoot in…. TT-TT Ha know.
The mission was to create a 3D model House, Gun and rock…..easy!
I was quick in understanding 3Dsmax like super fast was just like blender! but a bit more confusing!
So I designed the gun and started to create it in 3D…..out of one single cube!!!!!!
That’s insane like no one did that!
Even now I dont understand why I did that.
The only thing that’s not part of the cude is the circle in the front….the hole gun was ONE CUBE!!!!
I think I got the skills then….. yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh (#nolife)
Anyway Soon I had a game with a 3D model gun and man I love it!
Down here you can see the gun process and the other objects.

I not only made a gun but also a house.
The house was based on a vaction house in France.
I really loved making it….something different from an gun or human like model.

And last but not least!
My stone…that’s just a stone!
So now that I’ve shown you the 3D models I made I also would like to show you how it looks like in the game it self.
The game is a very dark game I did that so that the Green neon glows in the world would jump out more.
I created the world from Scratch!
I created it so that I would have a 3D understanding of how the world of Nurro Doxic ( A radioactive / Toxic character of mine) would look like.
The world isin a huge decay and contains a lot of radioactivity.
I’m glad I made it that theme because it was a real challenge.
I don’t know that much of Radioactive stuff so latly I study all kinds of thing in that theme!
Yeah I’m a nerd.
hah, know!
So this is what I came up with…
You shold turn your brightness up a bit or sit in a dark room.

So this was the hole project!

Lichtningbolt doodle time | 3D Blender project

Hey sorry for not posting that much it’s just that I have been busy lately!
I reached 100 Subscribers on Youtube and that asks for a special video!
I WAS going to make a blender 3D animation but something went wrong…WOOPS!
I have to make the project all over again because I applied something that makes my computer/Blender very slow to do Sh!t!
So I’ll post here the images of the Blender project 1 as I will focus on making project 2.
For the 100 Subs video I’m going to do stuff in MMD ( Miku Miku Dance …it’s a program that let you make anime characters dance)
So I’ll me making a Lichtningbolt as an anime character in the PMX and PMD (software for modelling for MMD) with the help of bases from Deviantart so that I can at least have a quick 3D video…
Anyway that’s it for now…I gotta go animate fast!