Design for apple juice | School project

My teacher from the sector GREEN came to me and asked me to make a design and final project for the apple juice that they made.
I was very happy with the idea of doing something else than school work.
I first drew the backgrounds and the tree the software I used was sumo paint online.
School doesn’t have photoshop. U-U
I had a lot of troubble with the software but I made it!
I then drew the logo of my school in MS paint.
Afther that I drew Superkat, Lover girl and me as little humans.
Just placing it at the right place and done I made the label for apple juice.
The apple juice was selled at the opening day of school on 4 feb, 2017.
 background clouds      apple_treedgdfgdfgappletreemijn_porta_logomet_logologo_design_oneappelsap logo fles 2.0