School projects | I’M BACK!

First things first….
School got in the way and some major home projects I’m working on!
No fear, I’ll try to post more often.

As shown in previous post.
I’m a student and this year the real stuff has started!
It’s weird to think how fast things are going but I’m already going to work in a group and make a game.
Like wow … wut!?
Anyway I got some major skill changes and some much new art to share with you all
so stay tune!


Nurro’s back story | GLAD TO HAVE AMNESIA!!!!

All I need to say about this is that he had a hard time he’s glad to foget once he remembers.
So things what happened here:
Nurro is the son of two scientists who created a injectable liquid to contain Radioactivity and ad all kinds of toxic material.
The effects were unknown but it was very promissing.
The army and the government asked for the liquid to test it and use it to creat ultimate soldiers to fight in wars, But the two refused.
The two scientists secretly injected their son to keep their work from harm and their son in safety.
One week later a terrible accident had happened that left both the scientists dead.
Nurro was seven years old and meant to live with his uncle but the Laboratory of the army kidnapped him.
They kinda suspected him being injected with the liquid,they took him in and tried to make him their perfect soldier.
They experimented on him with all kinds of toxic material and Radioactivity.
Amazingly the boy was immune to any othe dangerous experiments, but the effect wasstill unclear.
The training and experiments lasted for 3 years as Nurro bacame more lifeless, hartless and angry at the laboratory.
One day they experimented on his eye leaving him very scared and mental broken.
After a week of recovery and training + smaller experiments they wanted to see the result of the eye injection.
That test didn’t went well as Nurro raged and killed scientist after scientist.
As the laboratory activeted the alarm and attack from the sky was planned.
Nurro opened the cells of the other Subjects and went strait to the head control of the lab destruction.
…..Everything went first white and than black……
A kid woke up from the ash and dust under the left overs of a building.
He didn’t remember anything….nothing at all.
He than heard people screaming in pain and he heard people making their ways to him “Subject 043!” they screamed.
The kid was in shock, who were they, what happened, who is he?
As the kid started to run the people followed and shouted at him 043 and later in Nurro…. “NURRO DOXIC!!!”
The kid didn’t knew why but he started to believe that Nurro was his name and that 043 what his number of something.
The ten year old kid Nurro Doxic who suffers from Amnesia escaped and lived five years as a assasin that kills for money until……..

Nurro and Rocket combo attack | READY, SET, ATTACK!!!

After a hole day drawing the same drawing I’m glad to show off this drawing!
It’s one of the best parts from the Nurro and Rocket combo attack animatic.
The pose looked so awesome I had to make it into a full drawing!!!
The combo attack: Ultra twisted Radioactive Purple green hell flame nuke explosion deadly Toxic blast!
Was a fun Animatic Idea (I will post someday on Youtube) but it was an idea of a special attack for Nurro and Rocket…
Nurro is a lost boy with toxic and radioactive powers.
Rocket is a lost boy from with explosive and ruine magic powers.
This drawing was also a Speedpaint, a video of 37 min and more…
The video without the 825% speed up is 5 hours and I even left out a 45 min and more… of waste of time….which means the drawing in total was at least 6 to 7 hours!
I’m glad I did so though….
Rocket is owned by Therealnoname666 who is an awesome guy with great imagination!!
He’s the kind off guy that helps me with ideas and stuff.
So like I said glad to have this finally finished!


2018 so far

Hi it’s been awhile I hope that you all had a great years change!
I did! Anyway for now what will I do this year!
What will change?
Not much but a few things!
1. I’ll try to only swear in the Inflaydion language.
2. I want to get my black belt.
3. I’m going to draw more and try to post on time.
4. try to make more videos.
5. Halloween special 2017 remastered.
6. Christmas special 2018.
7. school….urg!
8. use my outro more often!
Any this is it so far!
Guardian out!


Sorry for not posting that much but my laptop broke…
The keys suddenly stopped working one by one.
Also working hard on the Halloween special…I missed my Laptop for 3 weeks!!1 1 week until Halloween!
Got to draw fast then!

Autumn song | SING!

Come with me and dance with me in the cool of Autumn.
All the leaves are golden now all the bells are ringing.
Ring ding and a ding ding dong dance and sing together.
Ring ding and a ding ding dong in my shoes of leather.