AU’s and OC’s

I love to draw which means that I have some characters on my own.
I begin with the characters that are made to walk in a Dimsension that I didn’t created such as the Sonic Dimsenion.
Sonic is owned by SEGA but fans of can make their own character also known as OC.
I will describe the fanbase and name the characters.

Fanbase: My little pony.
Characters: Fire blue, Rachel star, White rosa, Black spike, Silva moonheart, and Diamond bow.

Fanbase: Sonic world.
Characters: Freezer, Sparkle, Tina, Becky, Mileena, Hammie, Ronin, Aurora, Anti Jade, Jadie and Elizabeth Kitty.
( I know alot but some can be taken over by people who need a oc for this fan base)

Fanbase: creepypasta.
Characters: Peacekeeper and Trap night.
But they are also a dimension on their own.

Fanbase: Five nights at Freddy’s.
Characters: All of the characters shown in game But drawn and story made by me.

Now I gonna list my own Dimensions. and AU’s
These worlds are created because I drew some characters or because I got a story in my mind.
I also wish to make a game of some Dimensions I created, because I want to take people into an open fantasy world full of stories and magical creatures and hope it will make them happy.
BTW fun fact: Lightning bolt Creator Guardian is the Creator of the TFME Dimension and the FNAL AU.

Dimension: The five magical elements.
Short: tfme
Main Characters: Poseida, Torch, Tierra, Poseida and cysgod.

Dimension: A story that my friend Super kat is working on with my help.
Short: none.
Main Characters: Charles H3-QPR4.

Dimension: Halloween AU.
Short: none.
Main Characters: Shadowkin, Reaping shadow, Stitchy cat.

Dimension: Doodle time! AU.
Short: Dtime AU.
Main Characters: all my friends characters and all my characters.

Dimension: Special video AU.
Short: SPV AU.
Main Characters: all my friends characters and all my characters.

Dimension: Five night at lightning AU.
( I know it’s a fan base too but I made this one for fan animation and story line of some characters.)
Short: FNAL AU.
Main Characters: all my friends characters and all my characters.

Dimension: Beacon Crafter AU.
Short: BCAU.
Main Characters: David Collings (Becon Crafter), Sam Hawkins, Mari Willis.

Dimension: The dark traitor AU.
Short: TDTAU.
Main Characters: The Dark Lord.

Dimension: Devil from the Nether AU.
Short: DFTNAU.
Main Characters: ??? no name yet!

And then there is…….Lichtningbolt.

“Lichtningbolt Creator Guaradian was to long so we made it Lichtningbolt with a C to keep the creator part in it!”

Name: Lichtningbolt.
Full name: Lightning bolt Creator Guardian.
Nickname or short cuts: Licht, Creator, Lich, Bolt, guardian, Creator artist.
What is lichtningbolt: A Dimesnion guard.
Date of birth: ???
Age: ???
Gender: She claimed to be a girl……well she can gender swamp her self.
height: Depends on the shape she is in.
Weight: Depends on the shape she is in.
Likes: ???
Dislikes: Hospital, Laboratory, Her worst memories, betrayal, her scars on her back and something that’s secret.
Hobby: Begin her self is a hobby…..and she doesn”t have a real hobby I guess.
Froms: Drak Licht (Drak from), Fire Bolt (fire form), Rainbow creator (Rainbow power form),
Lichtningdroid and Lichtning shadow (android form with lichtningbolt shadow), were Bolt (werewolf form),
Angel modes (angel form) and E.X.E modes (e.x.e form) Demon modes (demon form) God mode aka True form (???).
Shapes: to many……to many shapes….can’t list that.
But what I can say is that lichtningbolt own a new shape by every Dimesion she enters.
Dimension she made: The five magical elements and FNAL.
Home Dimensions: none, but shometimes she claims the TFME world as home.