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the difference 2015 VS 2018 | TFME!


2013 VS 2015

Here are my sonic au characters from 2013.
I redrew them in 2015 so that poeple could see the difference in now and back then.
These characters are not in a story but just random characters what can be owned by people who need an OC for the Sonic AU.
(Some of them are already claimed)
I will do a redraw this year because it is 2 years later from the previous redraw.
This is a thing I will do every 2 years until I’m sick of it. 😀

old_and_new_tina_by_lichtningbolt-d8vkq0x old_and_new_sparkle_by_lichtningbolt-d8vkq3s old_and_new_ronin_by_lichtningbolt-d8vkqmf old_and_new_pieke_by_lichtningbolt-d8vkqwz old_and_new_mileena_by_lichtningbolt-d8vkpff old_and_new_hammie_by_lichtningbolt-d8vkpse old_and_new_freezer_by_lichtningbolt-d8vkpk3 old_and_new_daantje_by_lichtningbolt-d8vkpve old_and_new_becky_by_lichtningbolt-d8vkp1y old_and_new_aurora_by_lichtningbolt-d8vkqix old_and_new_____by_lichtningbolt-d8vkq8v

Watch the old Christmas special of 2015!

The Christmas special of 2015 is on YouTube!

The Christmas special 2015 is a short and funny video about Lightning bolt Creator Guardian
(Lichtningbolt for short) and her friends superkat and white smoke.
This year Lichtningbolt chose to not celebrate Christmas because she isn’t in the holiday spirit.
There is a knock on the door but when Lichtningbolt opens the door superkat comes in in a weird dress…
what will happen next?
Why waiting go watch what will happen next!