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Lichtningbolt doodle time | 3D Blender project

Hey sorry for not posting that much it’s just that I have been busy lately!
I reached 100 Subscribers on Youtube and that asks for a special video!
I WAS going to make a blender 3D animation but something went wrong…WOOPS!
I have to make the project all over again because I applied something that makes my computer/Blender very slow..to slow to do Sh!t!
So I’ll post here the images of the Blender project 1 as I will focus on making project 2.
For the 100 Subs video I’m going to do stuff in MMD ( Miku Miku Dance …it’s a program that let you make anime characters dance)
So I’ll me making a Lichtningbolt as an anime character in the PMX and PMD (software for modelling for MMD) with the help of bases from Deviantart so that I can at least have a quick 3D video…
Anyway that’s it for now…I gotta go animate fast!


Pixel art of characters | Minecraft

I also like to make pixel art of some characters like pokémon or fez!
I also have a old Lichtningbolt Pixel art picture…now that I think of it I need to make a new one with the new Lichtningbolt style.
Darn so much to do and no time at all!

Dark lord end castle!? | Minecraft

I saw this one youtube as and sort of tutorial.
So I as lifeless person made the castle as well.
All the credit of the idea is going to Grian!
Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cezJS_y2jMs
The bridge was my idea and I will use this in a world special made for a RP video.
With that I mean I want to make a video/movie/serries about Minecraft characters in the Middle Ages.
Something like that and this will be the building of the Dark lord…or something…
I’m still working on it!
So I will be posting more about this in the future.
For now let me focus on school…..I hate you school!

Castle and City building | Minecraft

I….can’t even say how proud I am on theese two!
Look I have a Minecraft PC account but I have no PC to play on so…..I play on the xbxo 360!
And building things in there is hard.
Why? Because on the pc you can use commands and on the Xbox 360 you can’t.
Commands can sametimes help you build faster easier.
And yeah without that….hours of days right!