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New video on youtube! | FNAF AU ANIMATIC

4 days ago I was watching a video and wonder how it would be if the characters in the video were the fnaf employees.
So I grabbed my draw board and pen and started drawing.
SEE HERE MY LATES …..UMMM…..YouTube video?



Little gif animations ^0^

I made Little gif animation because I was bored.
Thery are so cute!!! *o*
I also made a base for it because think it other people would like having a mini you in pixel art.
So the base is on Devianart I put a link oon the base picture so that you can download it your self.
But here are something I made with it. ^-^

                                            output_el4aee output_bba6sw superkat-gif-1 purple-star-gif-1 saffire-animation-compleet


FNAL 3 concept art/designs

FNAL 3 digital animation project.
These are some of the images I was going to use in the animation.
I’m actualy very sad when I look back at this.
I had so much to do and so many idea’s but then something came in between and I couldn’t finish it anymore.
And I never did finished it.
I stopped and then tried to pick it up again but than school came in like NOPE… And now… My new art style don’t match with it.
I probaly have to start all over again or just learn to let it go… I hate doing that.
I really wish that I can finish it one day because I also want to make a FNAL 4 animation.
Maybe I just have to wait and learn how to get along with a 3D program and do a reboot of everything.
I will see what I will do with the project but I will never delete it.
This will be usefull one day.
Until that day i will try to figure out for what!

111-26 111-31 111-79 kopie-2-van-naamloos-kopie-5-copy kopie-2-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-3-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-4-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-5-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-6-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-8-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-15-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-16-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-17-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-18-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-22-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-23-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-24-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-25-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-26-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-van-left-to-die pokeron

FNAL project designs

I really loved working on this animation.
It was one of the first animations I made.
The animation is a fan animation for the game Five Nights At Freddy’s (FNAF).
I drew Lightningbolt Creator Guardian (Lichtningbolt for short) and her friend in a AU where they could rolaplay the FNAF games.
And Their roleplay is the video.
Here are some of the drawings/designs I made so that I could make the video.

hoho new-1 new nu-1 nu1-39 lichtningbolt presend-3 zzz-5 zzz