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Drew him in colour | Beacon_ Crafter AU

I drew hi in colour in Krita!
I was in a live stream and then thought why not drawing David…I mean it’s been a while!
And after David I copied the line art whit out colour and recoloured him also in the Beacon Crafter…
I also noticed that day that I have been writing becon instead of beacon the entire time….so had to change stuff.. -_-+


Just an idea!

So here me out!
I got and Becon crafter a dark lord and I will upload more about him…….I hope.
The end lord is from the new The dark traitor AU that I made.
So why not making it complete by making a nether guy!
A guy from london 1910 and he is cures with a devil within.
He will finally accept it and become one with the devil…Devil from the Nether AU
But if I got a Beacon crafter an Ender dark lord and a Nether cures guy…..
I think I will make little comic’s about the three!
Villan party at becon carfter’s home!

Beacon crafter AU

Shoot I forgot theese!
I forgot to upload a few old drawings so I’ll be posting them now!
This is a character drawing design for the Beacon crafter AU of mine!
I’m still creating the world in Minecraft but I allready drew the characters and gave them names.
The enderman, creeper, lichtningbolt, super kat and creeperwizz12 are random doodles.
The others are characters from the AU.
I would like to tell the story but that’s for later now just enjoy the art!