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Love is strong | DEVIANTART IS 17 YEARS OLD!!!!

I was like hey I draw an other one for my other deviantart back ground account.
So I opened up krita and the template and started to doodle a bit around and then I thought A princess…with a prince and..and..and..
Before I know I had a master piece!
Like I had nothing in my mind the first time but know my mind was going nuts!
So I added shadows and that stuff..well it turned out like this down here!
I love it!
I uploaded it on my normal Deviantart and made an other for my second account because this was just to beautiful!


2015 drawing skills

As you can see these are different than the one I uploaded before.
I actualy like these more because they look beautiful compared to the previous drawings.
These first drawing is one I still like even if it’s made in 2015.
It just looks nice and it shows Lichtningdroid.
The drawings next to the Lichtningdroid are a mix between fairytales and
the sonic au characters of my friends and I.
Lichtningbolt is elsa, Purple star is little red riding hood and Superkat is belle from Beauty and the Beast.
It was just for fun!

it_s_hard_to_be_a_android_by_lichtningbolt-d8drk9i lichtningbolt_dress_like_elsa_by_lichtningbolt-d8z3wkz purple_star_as_red_riding_hood_by_lichtningbolt-d8z3wzm super_cat_as_beauty_by_lichtningbolt-d8z3zxh