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Haigo past back story | BNHA OC

Haigo senju’s past!
Made a little comic thingie about Haigo to explain his face.

Page 1
This happened 4 years ago… He was 11 and was just spending his time in his room controlling his small marionette. His parents were shopping. So he just played in his room like a normal kid. Than a weird sound comes from the hall. Haigo knows that his sister is the only other person in the house. Haigo isn’t really good friend with his sister and he also doesn’t have friends on school. Even thought he dilike her a bit he still cares, so he asks what she’s up too… When he doesn’t get a response he deicide to go check on her. As he makes his way to her room he noticed something in the kitchen. His little sister using a Quirk to float knifes. Haigo thought his sister was quirkless. To his surprise the girl turns her head. And in a blink of an eye two knifes are coming his way. The knifes missed his hands. Haigo’s sister laughs and…….

Page 2
As Haigo’s sister started the attack. Haigo knew he had to get out of there and call for help. The only thing he could was run to the house phone in the main hall. He started to sprint but his sister kept throwing knifes at him. His had reached out to the phone, but a knife broke it before Haigo had it in his hands….Haigo was In shock. he could hear his sister laugh behind him. “good bye brother” she said. Haigo didn’t understand and turn his head. Two knifes flew at him and cut threw his mouth……
See what happens next on page 3….
   Page 3
Haigo’s little sister laughs as Haigo falls to his knees…. Blood drips from his mouth hia cheeks hurt… It’s over Haigo said his little… I always wanted to be only child… Than a noise can be heard from the door… It was the sound of keys…. Mom and dad their home…. Haigo’s sister hold the door from opening and returned the knives fast but leaving the blood once near Haigo…. the door finally opens and their parents enter… I really should check this door Haigo’s dad says his mother only laughed. Haigo’s sister ran over and created fake tears…. She soon had the attention from her parents…. Momy dady Haigo cut himself she said acting like Haigo did self harm… Their parents didn’t understand at first but Haigo’s dad rushed over to him…. Son what’s wrong where does it hurt….  page4
Haigo’s dad asked him to let go of his mouth…. Haigo did as asked but what they saw was unexplainable…. Haigo’s dad rushed him to the hospital but sadly for them the the healing team had been transferred to a other hospital to help out with a few badly wounded heroes…. The doctor explained that the only thing they could do was stitching it…they did and Haigo’s dad had a talk with the doctor about Haigo’s mental health…. Haigo didn’t said a word that day… But at night he could hear his parents talk about him… Worried that their son is depressed l, suicidal or even insane…. Haigo had tried to tell his mom and dad that he didn’t cut himself and that his little quirkless did this to him… His parents didn’t believe him…. And as time passed by Haigo isolated himself from the family and trained him self to become better in his quirk….. He promised himself that one day he’ll expose his little sister and prove that he’s a worthy hero…..


You have to give credit to sammy | BATIM comic

we are not sure how Sammy got henry all the way to the place where henry wakes up and we also do not know how far that is!
So what if it was far away?
Sammy must have dragged, pick up and or did some other things to get Henry over there…right?
See here the comic with the logical explanation of sammy’s journey.
Bendy and the ink machine owend by TheMeatly

Also a sketch that is only posted here!
Feel special yet!

Bendy’s prank | BATIM fan comic

I think bendy doesn’t like Alice angel they could be happy partners for the show.
But a demon and angel in one room….nha!
I think Alice is to nice and Bendy is just a little devil doing evil pranks and that stuff.
I also think bendy did more of theese things the reson why boris want’s to ask what he did this time!

If you want to dub this tell me!!!


What does that girl even carry with her….. sor made a spelling mistake….
TT-TT my fault…

O the pumpkin has a name now his name is Shadowkin….it’s the one that won in the poll so okay…
And the cat guy is named Stitchy cat.
SO this is a comic of Reaping shadow and Shadowkin…
this is one of Reaping shadows hunting moments…..so weird shit comes up with those two!
I really like this I hope some one wants to DUB this!  ^.^

Holy shiiiiiitttttt