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Shut up Sammy!!!! | BATIM

Poor Sammy he tries so hard!
But Bendy just don’t care at all!
A little doodle at the end! 🙂


You have to give credit to sammy | BATIM comic

we are not sure how Sammy got henry all the way to the place where henry wakes up and we also do not know how far that is!
So what if it was far away?
Sammy must have dragged, pick up and or did some other things to get Henry over there…right?
See here the comic with the logical explanation of sammy’s journey.
Bendy and the ink machine owend by TheMeatly

Also a sketch that is only posted here!
Feel special yet!

Bendy’s prank | BATIM fan comic

I think bendy doesn’t like Alice angel they could be happy partners for the show.
But a demon and angel in one room….nha!
I think Alice is to nice and Bendy is just a little devil doing evil pranks and that stuff.
I also think bendy did more of theese things the reson why boris want’s to ask what he did this time!

If you want to dub this tell me!!!


What does that girl even carry with her….. sor made a spelling mistake….
TT-TT my fault…

O the pumpkin has a name now his name is Shadowkin….it’s the one that won in the poll so okay…
And the cat guy is named Stitchy cat.
SO this is a comic of Reaping shadow and Shadowkin…
this is one of Reaping shadows hunting moments…..so weird shit comes up with those two!
I really like this I hope some one wants to DUB this!  ^.^

Holy shiiiiiitttttt