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Two epic drawings | HALLOWEEN AU!

Just two drawings of my Halloween AU.
The first one is drawn on the phone.
The second late at night!



Death of Rainbow dash | Customized pony

I personal had no idea what I was doing when I made this pony.
I also realized that I like to make scary ponies instead of friendly happy ponies.
I made a death Rainbow dash from the MLP tv show….. ( the Rainbow dash is from the tv show not the hole death part).
I little sister calls it the zombie Ranbow and that’s okay to I guess it knida looks like a zombie….a lot…damn.
dscn5915 dscn5916 dscn5917 dscn5918 dscn5919 dscn5920

Halloween characters doodles

I made some drawings with Pumpkin guy friend with no name yet and Reaping shadow.
So Reaping shadow has her eyes closed but she can use a weird bat noice to move around.
When it is quiet and I mean when she isn’t making the sound to…. than she can see anything.
Our Pumpkin friend is a character who isn’t that stupid so it’s damn hard to catch him.
The Pumpkin is also a killer …….sorry but Halloween characters are supposed to be scary.

where-is-he h333