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And I got an other Game art lesson!
Alien World!
So I did the best alien thing I could do……Yes I used the Inflaydions world.
But this means I can make concept art of the Inflaydion world and do my homework in Game art!
10 Points to Ravenclaw people!!!
I had 4 idea’s.
I wanted a concept art of Cysgods world…..I wanted the nature of Tierra….and……the whole island of Phantom.
I had to choose one that I would make in color and I picked that of Cysgod.
And I have to say I fricking nailed it!
I love how it turned out and I love to see that I’m not that bad at making landscape things.
Because..I never really make backgrounds to my art.
I’m more a character person….which is a fact…..but hey!
If I ever want to make a game I should at least practice some objects and landscapes.
But for now…..let’s see what my teacher thinks of this art?


Full demon Cysgod | TFME

I made a design for Cysgod.
Cysgod element of darkness and shadows.
The energy source of the dark island an island full of demons due to the old dragon king war.
Cysgod is seen to be no demon but that’s not true.
Even Cysgod suffer from the demon infection that has been spread in his island.
it is deep with in, in side of him….he is the cause of it.
Before Cysgod was an walking being he was know as an object name the dark element.
The dragon king used the dark element  to recreate the world to his desire.
He had Cysgod for 50 years under his control and used the dark energy to create demons every where.
After the dragon king was defeated the creator fixed every Island but could now fix Cysgod.
Cysgod had absorbed the power of demonic creation and claimed it.
Now 126 years later Cysgod developed his demon form to a full grown adult one.
But that is after game/ book 4.
So I designed this form right here!
And yeah this is bonus and special features so Mouth Shut PLEASE!


Demon Villagers | TFME

I made a few designs for Cysgod’s people on the dark island.
The left once are walkers and the on the right are followers.
This is how some of the people on his island look like there are more races on the island and even animals are demons.
So I have a lot to design.

Moolestia and Solaris | TFME

I was listening to the lullaby of the moon song when I then came up with this idea!
The TFME islands are floating above a void so the sun and moon are turning around the islands.
Not like our earth here!
So the moon and sun are going void in and out but they need someone to control them right?
So thanks to the song I came up with Mooslestia the moon and as counter partner Solaris the sun.
They will be the main thing in the 5 game as they are very old but never heard of after the element war.
Which is at leas 3000 years old.
Moolestia is blue black and Solaris gold orange.
Moolestia has silver blood and Solaris gold.

New art style | SUPER KAT

I drew the character of my best friend Superkat aka LA or aka N.
I wanted to draw him different instead of the sonic art style I used every time I drew him as full cat!…..
I started to draw shizz in a live stream and drew this!
I really like it because it’s something new and not just the same.
I all ways wonder how He real could look like in a none sonic art style!
Glad I got my answer!
Als If you like reading stuff on the internet than go follow my friend on watt pad!
He has awesome stories as in the Dutch and English!

Also the two here are just thing I wanted to test out!

New characters! | Halloween AU

I was thinking the Halloween AU is a bit empty when it comes to characters.
I mean if you look at sonic characters there are a lot of them.
And I’m sure there have to be more monsters than Shadowkin , Stichy cat and Reaping shadow.
So I went brain storming for some new characters.
These are the final designs of the characters I all ready sketch them somewhere else but I couldn’t scan the sketches.
They where to messy!
So what did I created?
Let’s take a look ate them.
We got:
A mummy..he is male and evil..well nor really evil he is okay with Shadowkin…he has it’s reasons to been seen as a bad guy.
I still need a name for him.

We got:
A frankenstein’s monster kinda teenage girl thing…..does that type of monster has a name…I don’t know.
She is a good monster / person though.
I still need a name for her as well.

We got:
A possessed doll..she is evil and pretty power full though.
No name yet.

We got:
An enchantress she has a brown colored skin….I suck at drawing that right.
She’s good and works for the same…let’s say club…club as reaping shadow.

We got:
A teenage vampire who has this Packet of juice that looks like tomato juice….. but it isn’t that.
No name yet.

And our last guy is an tree monster…well a ghost of a male being who’s body wasx stuck in a tree for a while.
How it got there….no one knows….well I do….but I said enough!
Healso has no name yet!

Well that’s it for now I guess.
I only need to make them good awesome back stories and link them in a way with reaps, pumkin guy and cat boy!

All Lightning bolt Creator Guardian forms

Theese are all Lightningbolt creator guardian forms in the human shape.
I also changed a few things…..and with things I mean the hair, clothes and names.
Lichtningbolt can hide her wings so the wings are just shown to show you that looks like.
Colors always change with the forms!

Normal Lichtningbolt is just Lightning bolt Creator Guardian as I draw her in the doodle time AU shape and other stuff…just Licht!

Dark Light:
Dark light is not named ‘dark licht’ because it’s not stuck to the creator guardian part so it’s Light.
Also the wings are different and the eyes are different.
Dark light is a form which uses the nagetive energie and emotions of lichtningbolt.
Dark light’s reactions are also very crazy and insane as the dark form loves pain.

Fire Bolt:
Fire Bolt is the fire mode of Lichtningbolt made to use all the positive energie.
This form puts lichtningbolt on fire that’s why it’s called fire mode in some dimensions it’s called Super Bolt or just Super lichtningbolt.
Fire bolt is a very happy form because it’s so positive.

The previous dimension guard left Lichtningbolt with some of her infactions such as werewolf infaction.
Lichtningbolt is not really a werewolf but more of a person who has it as a extra form which doubles her instinct.
So she can smell or find others faster.
This form can also give her animal behaviour and animal instinct.
her emations stay the same as her normal self.
She looks like a wolf and have normal wings.

Lightning Bow:
Lightning Bow is the emotion master, Lightning Bow is the rainbow power form which is a power that uses emotions as weapon.
Lightning Bow has different colors that each is and emotion.
mixed emotion means mixed eye colors, Lightning Bow’s emotion is seenable if you take a good look at her eye’s.
Everything from her clothes to her wings is rainbow themed.

Lightning Droid:
Lightning Droid is and android/metal form of Lichtningbolt.
This form is made by an enemy and stuffed into lichtningbolt to give her a mission and use her to destroy the world…..that plan failed!
Now it’s a robot like form which makes lichtningbolt even more invincible than she already is…It gives her the power to take no damage at all.
Lichtningbolt’s fast healing factor is not necessary in this form.
This form also includes an extra form which is named Lightning Shadow.
LS is and axtra form that shows the emotion of the andriod because if Lightning Driod can not show it who will?
Lightning Shadow can attack but can be  attacked.
the two of them are dangerous but not used that much.

Demon mode:
If there is and angel mode there is and demon mode!
Demon lightning bolt creator guardian is just lichtningbolt as a demon…okay not that same as licht.
Only it uses all the power in a dark way the demon mode is also different from the magic of the Angel mode.
If Lichtningbolt activate the Demon mode ( how is secter) she can uses it and when she shut it down it will make her scars bleed.
Licht will not be in a coma but have back bleedling for a month.
This mode can be used endless with no time out like Angel mode.
The demon mode is smart but so far never used.
So I don’t know that much about it.
It looks like and demon….taaadaaaaaa!

E.X.E Jade/ Licht:
This is the real devil!
Jade is still within Lichtningbolt and she want’s control.
Alot of forms have been the back scars “also known as the Death marks” Demons.
First Dar Light than Lightning Droid and now the next cured one…The previous dimension guard.
This form makes Lichtningbolt feel weak by every scar that will be ripped all of them open “3” and you got Jade in control!
Jade is out for revendge and to finish what Dark Jade started….destruction of everything!
No wonder licht doesn’t want that to happen.
But even though Lichtningbolt can be harmed if one of the scars go open…at the moment one is open her healings factor will shut down.
Without the healings factor lichtningbolt can be hurt as an normal human/ living being but will not die.
She can faint and end up in a coma but will not die….endless suffering!
The scars can only be colsed by someone with healings power that can heal the none living or she has to activate Angel Mode.

Angel Mode:
Angel mode is the powerfull one just like the Jade and Demon Mode.
Angel mode uses all the power lichtningbolt got in a light way.
This mode has also it’s problems when Licht use it she can use it for an hour and than have to rest for 7 min.
So that she can fight on for an other hour to sleep again for 7 min.
When lichtningbolt shut it down she will end up in a coma for a month.
The reason licht doesn’t use angel mode is because if someone needs her in the month of the shut down than she can not react and fail the dimension guard mission.
which means that a character dies.
And a character is and inportant piece of and dimension.
A dimesion calls lichtningbolt only if the character needs her help because the dimesion doesn’t know how to save or continue the story.
Failing in that can be hard for licht mental health.
So she rather suffers from no healing factor eye’s and a lot of scars on her body than ever taking that risk!
She have her dimensions of her own as well she never wants them to die so she also doesn’t want that for others.

The Warrior:
Lightning bolt Creator Guardian is known to be the Warrior in her tfme world.
This form is her hope form….this form is build on the hopes and dreams of others and her self.
It is only positive and it’s like a knight.
Weaponds are better she wears armor so that she can not be stabbed in the back and so that Jade can not have her turn.
This form is a powerfull form with no extra’s it’s just Hopes and Dreams!