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Love is strong | DEVIANTART IS 17 YEARS OLD!!!!

I was like hey I draw an other one for my other deviantart back ground account.
So I opened up krita and the template and started to doodle a bit around and then I thought A princess…with a prince and..and..and..
Before I know I had a master piece!
Like I had nothing in my mind the first time but know my mind was going nuts!
So I added shadows and that stuff..well it turned out like this down here!
I love it!
I uploaded it on my normal Deviantart and made an other for my second account because this was just to beautiful!



Deviantart is now 17 years old!!!
So there was this drawing challenge and I did it!
I just quickly doodle something in krita with the template of the challenge!

I drew to much to upload it all here!

I just created this site and it’s amazing but I drew to much to upload it all.
If I would upload everything I uploaded to my Deviantart account I would be uploading more than 798 drawings.
It is nothing compared to my Instagram. lbg-drawingpsd-tumblnailcopy
So I will try to upload alot so that you can see evolution in my drawing skills, but I will not upload all 798 drawings/ photo’s of my drawings.
All the drawings I uploaded so far are old drawings.
I will try to keep this up like I do with Deviantart, Instagram and Tumblr.
If you want to check out every thing from the past instead of this quick evolution click the link of my Deviantart or Instagram.
Thx for the interest in my art! 😀