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Not yet! | HALLOWEEN AU!

I was checking my agenda and then I was that it was almost October!
I October means Halloween and Halloween means……SHADOWKIN DRAWINGS!!!!!!
But it’s not time yet so….sorry Shad!




I have bad news!
first off I have a bad sleeping pattern!
I fall a sleep when it’s 7:00 in the morning…….and wake up mostly at 12:00 which means I slept 5 hours.
Also my mind is going nuts about Idea’s but I can’t post that stuff yet!
I have a lot of health problems and I’m referring to my head.
I also had 100 subs but now it’s back to 99. darn!
I started to work with MMD but that failed as well and I’m not going to touch it for a while.
so with that being said I hope that school starts soon because I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!!!!
Anyway how is your day!?

Lichtningbolt doodle time | 3D Blender project

Hey sorry for not posting that much it’s just that I have been busy lately!
I reached 100 Subscribers on Youtube and that asks for a special video!
I WAS going to make a blender 3D animation but something went wrong…WOOPS!
I have to make the project all over again because I applied something that makes my computer/Blender very slow..to slow to do Sh!t!
So I’ll post here the images of the Blender project 1 as I will focus on making project 2.
For the 100 Subs video I’m going to do stuff in MMD ( Miku Miku Dance …it’s a program that let you make anime characters dance)
So I’ll me making a Lichtningbolt as an anime character in the PMX and PMD (software for modelling for MMD) with the help of bases from Deviantart so that I can at least have a quick 3D video…
Anyway that’s it for now…I gotta go animate fast!

Old doodle time digital art

These are old but still awesome!
I always draw with MS paint (Microsoft Paint) but with the spray tool you can make a lot of differences.
So I drew LA aka Superkat (spuer cat) and Lichtningbolt and tried to use the spray tool for shadow and light effects.
la 1 la 2 Naamloos LBG

Lichtningbolt Doodle Time AU doodles

Here have some Lichtningbolt Doodle Time AU doodles.
DTAU is an AU where I draw thing that really happend or kinda happened that whay.
There is no limit to the AU of characters everyone can join!
So go a head join the Doodle time AU by tdrawing your OC (Own Characters/ Orinal Character in this art style).
I also have a play list on my chanel of the doodle time art that I recorded.
Click her to see the Doodle Time AU YouTube play list.

doodletime-vid hghfhfg 4b366d78789bef406a3c6163984b2b93-dagkm1k untitled-8This here was my old version of Doodle Time AU me…. but i hated it and changed it.