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B 87 | FNAF AU

This was one of the first drawings of B 87.
I know WOW I coloured it with pencils


Golden freddy future form | FNAF AU

There is a reason why B87 has a bear looking hoodie cloak thing!
Here is Golden Freddy aka Fredbear future form!

Baby Marionette | FNAF

I have been in a role play for 2 days now but I was confused about the way my friends character looked like.
So I asked her a few thing so that I could draw her character and have a good vision of how she looks like.
So here is the Baby Marionette !
This character belong to:
On deviantart

Future version of the marionette | FNAF AU

This is my version of the Five Nights At Freddy’s Marionette.
But than from more to the future….because this is to modern to be 1987 Right?
I did a few more designs but that’s all on paper.
I think I need to find a day and start scanning some drawings so that I can post them.
Anyway I Hope you like it!

New video on youtube! | FNAF AU ANIMATIC

4 days ago I was watching a video and wonder how it would be if the characters in the video were the fnaf employees.
So I grabbed my draw board and pen and started drawing.
SEE HERE MY LATES …..UMMM…..YouTube video?



Just a little doodle comic thing!

Jeremy: Why are they like this?
Phone guy: I don’t know Jeremy!
I wonder how they got a job?
Purple guy: I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!!!
Mike: HAHAHHAHAHHA you can’t!
Purple guy WATCH ME!!!

Just an amazing little adventure of our best Employees!


Also here is purple guy is his orginal collors.