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There is this new old 20’s cartoon game and everyone likes it.
I have a friend on my new school who can’t stop talking about it!
I like the art style and I would like to play it as well but hey….school and money doesn’t go that well.
But here is a little fan art for the game!
Also my art in Krita becomes better and better!


Hi there | BATIM fan art

More Bendy and the ink machine fan art.
This game got really into it!
I can’t wait for chapeter 3 to come out!!!
I hope we learn more about Alice angel and Boris.
Anyway This is an fan art hand made not on the pc I know it might look like it’s made with Photoshop sc3 but it isn’t.
I made it on paper and than scanned it but while doing the final things I made it to black.
that’s why it looks like it’s made with photoshop.
hehehe…my bad.

The crew so far | BATIM fan art

I drew the workes of the Bendy animation.
We got Henry and animatior.
We got Joey drew the creator / Maybe also and animatior.
And we got Sammy the music director.
I drew them as I tought they could look like in the past and how they could / look like in the game.
Because sammy fron in game really looks like that!