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Golden freddy future form | FNAF AU

There is a reason why B87 has a bear looking hoodie cloak thing!
Here is Golden Freddy aka Fredbear future form!



Who poseted you B87
Questions leave that for late!
I can only answer it in a live stream……in the future!


FNAF 4 Speedpaint Golden Freddy

FNAF 4 Speedpaint crying child, Marionette and Fredbear.
This was a speedpaint for the Five Nights At Freddy’s 4 game.
I loved that game it was so scary and the hole background story is amazing.
I did played the game and laugched at my friends when they were playing it.
But the background is the real game.
The game has so many hidden things and secrets that figuring out the complete backstory feels like playing the main game.
This leads met to my part i think that the crying shild in FNAf 4 is the Golden Freddy.
Want to see the video than click the first picture.

fnaf-transeparent fnaf-4-photo-shop-editgoldie_by_lichtningbolt-d9dk8js

This up here is just concept art.