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It’s that time of school again | SCHOOL PROJECT

With school I got these project I need to make.
Why? well so that I learn how to use Adobe stuff.
I mean I drew in paint like in for ever then in Photoshop cs3 then paint and now mostly in Krita.
Soooooooo, we finished chapter Indesign and now the Photo shop project has started.
For this project we needed to mix two animal or people into one.
I created a TNTer a Griffin and a Hedghog Da Sanic.
I like the Griffin the most I guess.
Tell me which one you like the most and why?
I would love to hear some feed back to this …..mess… xD


Gellion the griffin | TFME

The elements have animals!
Yes and this is Phantom’s pet!
Gellion the grifffin!

Gellion the griffin.
Gellion was a small griffin that didn’t got his wings by birth.
There is nothing wrong with that a lot of griffin have that.
Because they live on the kut side ring of the islands.. Griffin’s have feather wing.
But feathers in the inflaydion world aren’t the same as feather wings in our human world.
In the inflaydion world they are made of magic.
Well later on at a age a Griffen or other creature should develop wings.
But Gellion didn’t… He was to small and weak….he was kicked out of of his nest and had to live on ground.
One day a group of dog like creatures on the air island attacked him.
Luckily for the small none flying bird phantom was nearby to rescue him.
Phantom took him to his castle and took care of him.
The griffin developed wings and became bigger than the normal griffin’s!
He is now phantoms best animal pal and will protect his owner.
He also sometimes sleeps with phantom in phantoms room….. Just like old times…

At first I did not knew what colour he should be…but he’s same colour as phantom is!