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You have to give credit to sammy | BATIM comic

we are not sure how Sammy got henry all the way to the place where henry wakes up and we also do not know how far that is!
So what if it was far away?
Sammy must have dragged, pick up and or did some other things to get Henry over there…right?
See here the comic with the logical explanation of sammy’s journey.
Bendy and the ink machine owend by TheMeatly

Also a sketch that is only posted here!
Feel special yet!


Run henry! |BATIM

Just a doodle of bendy and henry in there best friendship moments!
Look at them!
true friends!
I also made an update on henry’s hair! not that much changed….anyway I gotta draw fast I guess!

The crew so far | BATIM fan art

I drew the workes of the Bendy animation.
We got Henry and animatior.
We got Joey drew the creator / Maybe also and animatior.
And we got Sammy the music director.
I drew them as I tought they could look like in the past and how they could / look like in the game.
Because sammy fron in game really looks like that!

Herny! from Bendy and the ink machine | BATIM fan art

This is my version of herny from BATIM.
I know henry schould look like an old man …but something just doesn’t feel right….his voice..It sounds to jong.
So what if henry was in the past 20 and now in the 50.
I looked at my dad and he’s 41 and he still looks young.
We don’t know from which year BATIM is so it could be somewhere in the 1980 or 1990.
That’s why I drew him like this…Humans can hide their age you know!