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Just an idea!

So here me out!
I got and Becon crafter a dark lord and I will upload more about him…….I hope.
The end lord is from the new The dark traitor AU that I made.
So why not making it complete by making a nether guy!
A guy from london 1910 and he is cures with a devil within.
He will finally accept it and become one with the devil…Devil from the Nether AU
But if I got a Beacon crafter an Ender dark lord and a Nether cures guy…..
I think I will make little comic’s about the three!
Villan party at becon carfter’s home!


Dark lord end castle!? | Minecraft

I saw this one youtube as and sort of tutorial.
So I as lifeless person made the castle as well.
All the credit of the idea is going to Grian!
Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cezJS_y2jMs
The bridge was my idea and I will use this in a world special made for a RP video.
With that I mean I want to make a video/movie/serries about Minecraft characters in the Middle Ages.
Something like that and this will be the building of the Dark lord…or something…
I’m still working on it!
So I will be posting more about this in the future.
For now let me focus on school…..I hate you school!

Castle and City building | Minecraft

I….can’t even say how proud I am on theese two!
Look I have a Minecraft PC account but I have no PC to play on so…..I play on the xbxo 360!
And building things in there is hard.
Why? Because on the pc you can use commands and on the Xbox 360 you can’t.
Commands can sametimes help you build faster easier.
And yeah without that….hours of days right!


Minecraft build a few self made skins

We all know now that I’m a No life person!
And here are the perfect pictures to show that!
I build a few of my self made minecraft skins in Minecraft….And I’m not done.
Here take a look at what I got so far!