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Some anime doodles | BNHA OC HAIGO SENJU!

Because we missed a lot I kinda need to keep things short!

Made a few Haigo Senju doodles!
Some cute little chibi Haigo.
I like it a lot xD so kawaii


Father: Makoto Senju.      quirk: telekinesis.
Mother: Honaka Shima.    quirk: Material bending.
Sister: Miyako Senju.       quirk: Objective telekinesis.
Son: Haigo Senju.            quirk: Puppeteer.

Haigo’s dad is an active hero with but he’s not famous.
He does earn alot though.
Haigo’s mom is just the basic mom that does the house stuff.
Haigo himself is just him…. and then..
Haigo’s little sister has a quirk but Haigo’s parents just don’t know she has.
Haigo does though….But they don’t believe him…
His little sister is a creature send from the ass of a demon that got born from
the devil in hell and gifted with pure evil, to create the best evil sister to ruin Haigo’s life.
That’s all the info I can give…. lol

Miyako Senju quirk: Object Telekinesis
As you all know she’s the evil little sister of Haigo Senju…
I created her on may 8 but I drew her in her villain clothes… She’s 10 years old…