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Flutter shy speedpaint

I made An other speedpaint video.
This time I drew Flutter shy from the tv show My Little Pony.
I can see the diffrentce in the twilight drawing and the Flutter shy drawing.
It’s amazing.
Want to see the video than click the drawing it will take you to the video.


Princess Luna

I drew Princess lune in my style on the pc with MS paint.
I drew her because Lichtningbolt was called a recolor of her but she isn’t
I did update Lichtningbolt though.
But this is also an awesome fan art for the princess.


My Little Pony alicorn power!

Do you believe me when I tell you that I like the alicorn race the most.
I drew every alicorn in the serries and fan dom well the alicrons before Twilight Sparkle became one.
We got Luna s1, Luna s2 etc, Nightmare Moon, Celestia, princessa mirra cadenza/cadence, chrysalis and galaxia (fandom character).

it_s_not_fair____by_lichtningbolt-d8z40iz princess_luna_by_lichtningbolt-d8z73zr nightmare_moon_by_lichtningbolt-d8z741w princess_celestia_by_lichtningbolt-d8z74a5 princess_cadance_by_lichtningbolt-d8z746k queen_chrysalis_by_lichtningbolt-d8z74ch galixia__by_lichtningbolt-d8z74hj