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Cysgod drawing | TFME

Here have a Cysgod with his weapon drawing!
Like why not!


New characters! | Halloween AU

I was thinking the Halloween AU is a bit empty when it comes to characters.
I mean if you look at sonic characters there are a lot of them.
And I’m sure there have to be more monsters than Shadowkin , Stichy cat and Reaping shadow.
So I went brain storming for some new characters.
These are the final designs of the characters I all ready sketch them somewhere else but I couldn’t scan the sketches.
They where to messy!
So what did I created?
Let’s take a look ate them.
We got:
A mummy..he is male and evil..well nor really evil he is okay with Shadowkin…he has it’s reasons to been seen as a bad guy.
I still need a name for him.

We got:
A frankenstein’s monster kinda teenage girl thing…..does that type of monster has a name…I don’t know.
She is a good monster / person though.
I still need a name for her as well.

We got:
A possessed doll..she is evil and pretty power full though.
No name yet.

We got:
An enchantress she has a brown colored skin….I suck at drawing that right.
She’s good and works for the same…let’s say club…club as reaping shadow.

We got:
A teenage vampire who has this Packet of juice that looks like tomato juice….. but it isn’t that.
No name yet.

And our last guy is an tree monster…well a ghost of a male being who’s body wasx stuck in a tree for a while.
How it got there….no one knows….well I do….but I said enough!
Healso has no name yet!

Well that’s it for now I guess.
I only need to make them good awesome back stories and link them in a way with reaps, pumkin guy and cat boy!