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I drew bastion for the bastion mode video for YouTube!
Why well wen I get Triggerd in Overwatch I play bastion…….and I get Triggerd…A LOT!
So I made a whole video about my Bastion gameplay and well a video needs a thumbnail!


Mecry and Nutcracker Zenyatta |Overwatch fan art

I had to make an other YouTube tumbnail so I drew the nutcracker zenyatta.
I first drew them on paper and than drew them in Photoshop sc3.
I more I draw how better I become with the mouse!

Drew the squad as their main!

We are real Overwatch players and we all main a charater.
I play a lot as Genji, hotdoghunter 043 is Junkrat and Silverpyro is Soldier 76.
So I drew my main OC dressed in the Genji chrome skin the one I wear the most in game.
Hotdoghunter043 as Junkrat in the fool skin ans Silverpyro as the golden Soldier 76.
As you Humans can see it took me a while before I finished it.
But hey everything for YouTube tumbnails!

Overwatch art for YouTube tumbnail

So my last Overwatch episode from the free weekend ad the best tumbnail.
I drew Mercy, Junkrat and recolored Genji and Bastion.
I really love it but I also bought the game.
So there will come more Overwatch video’s than just these three.
I hope you all like it just like me and if you don’t like it…OK
Not everyone has to like everything right!

mercy-file-copy untitled-5

Genji drawing for my YouTube tumbnail

As some of you now know I have a YouTube channel.
I play games on it but I also post a lot of speedpaints.
I played Overwatch recored it and uploaded it to YouTube.
I had to make a tumbnails so I seleced my genji drawing and painted over it with Photoshop cs3.
Here are the genji drawings from my tumbnail.
Btw the video is here.

genji-digi-test2 genji-digi-test1overwatch tumbnail.