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Remake | FNAL AU!!!

Welcome B-back my dear lost friends!
I-I-we are happy to see you all A-again!
T-th-time for the brand N-New! remake!!!!
Well G-greate! S-seeeeeeeeeeeeeadjsfdugvhufidhgviuehgenrjgnvkfjdgbfb

I’m doing redesigns for the FNAL AU characters because I want the project to return again.
I changed Lichtningbolt from Lightningfox to Lightningnette.
Why you ask?
Because the Marionette is more a like to Lichtningbolt then Foxy!
Marionette plays smart mean and OP just like someone we know.
Lichtningbolt would be a great master mind to the FNAL AU then a derpy person.
I will see if I can find more people to join the FNAL AU.
Because I still need a few characters.
Mike schmidt.
Michel afton.
Purple guy and springtrap. yes two oc’s for one person.
Phone guy.

But for now let’s focus on school!


Doodles with friends | SONIC WORLD

Drew some sonic world characters.
well more fan characters like Pokeron and Fire blue etc…
Pokeron and Lichtningbolt falling….well Lichtningbolt can fly…good luck Pokeron!

Fire blue and Painted rose doodle.

What changed in years.

Lichtningbolt is the only character of mine with the biggest and saddest backstory.
licht had a her own friend group who would make sure that Darklicht (which was in Control of Dark Jade who got killed later in the story) would not hurt others.
Down here we see Painted rose, Purple star, Lightning bolt Creator Guardian and Rachel star…..(old rachel star she also got an update on her look).
What happened wel let me tell you.
This photo was taken after Licht decided do a visit to Canterlot (a place in the MLP AU).
Why her friends where there? well her friends were there because they lived longer than a normal pony should.
Celestia asked them to come to canterlot so that they could figure out why they lived so long, So one by one they all went to Canterlot to figure out the mistery of their life.
(this down here is in lichtningbolt age time so 200 means Licht was 200 years old).
Purple star left with 450 and Painted rose with 530.
Rachel star is a different story, Rachel star went to Canterlot when she was small.
Licht was 200 when she met Rachel star and a year later Rachel star had to leave because it was not safe her in their own town.
She and her family went to Canterlot and she had to leave everything behind even Lichtningbolt.
Lichtningbolt’s first friend was gone.
Rachel star is also in the research of the long living thing (Damn I need a name for that).
So Rachel star and did meet again so Lichtningbolt.
Lichtningbolt was 694 when she went to Canterlot and had soon all her friends back again.
Until she Licht was 700…every….thing….went…wrong……
But what happened is a secret for now!
See picture number two….. I can’t say more than that…..

our_friend_group_before_by_lichtningbolt-daee3ti our_friend_group_after_by_lichtningbolt-daee5j5

Lichtningbolt was supposed to have two friends extra but I don’t think that Saffire and Faith star will be official characters in the story.
Why? Well The characters in the story of licht are also character that are based on friend in real life.
Faith star….. I don’t have so many contact with her now she even deleted her MLP or ART Instagram.
Faith star will not appear in the story anymore.
Saffire is a hard one she really had a purpose in the story of Lichtningbolt but I think she will be changed with an other character.
Saffire still exist but not in Lichtningbolt story….. well not the life time in the MLP AU… she will come in the life time after Lichtningbolt has turned 930 years old.
Because no matter what she is in the FNAL AU.