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Love is strong | DEVIANTART IS 17 YEARS OLD!!!!

I was like hey I draw an other one for my other deviantart back ground account.
So I opened up krita and the template and started to doodle a bit around and then I thought A princess…with a prince and..and..and..
Before I know I had a master piece!
Like I had nothing in my mind the first time but know my mind was going nuts!
So I added shadows and that stuff..well it turned out like this down here!
I love it!
I uploaded it on my normal Deviantart and made an other for my second account because this was just to beautiful!

Lichtningbolt MLP shape drawing

I haven’t drew Lichtningbolt in her MLP shape for a while.
I changed the cutie mark a bit btw…
I’m also sorry for not being that full time active.
But hey I need drawing time …I got work…and school…well you shere later about that!
Here have a Lichtningbolt MLP shape to make you happy!

Beacon crafter AU

Shoot I forgot theese!
I forgot to upload a few old drawings so I’ll be posting them now!
This is a character drawing design for the Beacon crafter AU of mine!
I’m still creating the world in Minecraft but I allready drew the characters and gave them names.
The enderman, creeper, lichtningbolt, super kat and creeperwizz12 are random doodles.
The others are characters from the AU.
I would like to tell the story but that’s for later now just enjoy the art!