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Sableye sketches |Pokémon

I don’t have that much to do in my free time….I lost my inspiration.
So i just doodle some thing so now and than.
Here have some sableye sketches!


Jayleen the pokémon trainer

I once drew the pokémons with all the info but I did not drew the trainer.
Now here she is!

Her name is Jayleen.
She is 17 years old.
That’s all the info I have great huh!
I’m sorry….I still need to give her more back story but that problem is for the future me!

Story time of my pokémons

Pokémon drawing…. I’m going to tell you all you need to know about my Pokémons in brief.

Xbox 360:
My Grovyle is name Xbox 360.
Of course this is my starter he is a lonely type of guy but also very nice.
He is loyal, brave and a good fighter fire fears him.

Skitty is my second one in my main team she’s named…. Well first OSH!T SHE but that changed into Sylvie.
I just cautch her and she just wanted to stay with us.
Sylvie is not only cute but also dangerous.
Sylvie has a cute charm which means that if a Pokémon from another gender touch her they will fell in love.
This effect is an effect that works for 30% but is very effective.
Only Pokémons that are in love or with an relationship have a bigger chance of not falling in love with her.
Later she met Cysgod and she fell in love with him but Cysgod isn’t an easy one.

Then Sableye he is named Cysgod (reference to TFME).
I caught him in the most hilarious way ever.
After I tried to catch him many times he manage to defeat Xbox 360 ( It sounds so weird ).
So I had no choice….
Sylvie came in and I used attract then I kinda spoke to my DS and told the Sableye that if I catch him he may spend more time with Sylvie.
Hahahaha then I threw the flipping pokeball and…hahahaha cautch him. XD
#littlecrush on sylvie xD but he will say that it isn’t true and will call sylvie a little witch or cursed.. (Sylvie has cute charm).
Um o well…
Cysgod is a real pranker and loves the sounds of screams but he Always makes it okay after the prank…..(if he wants to).
He’s a good fighter as well.

My Gyarados was first a useless being but got strong…way to strong DAMN!!!
Her name is destroyer and she’s pretty kind but can destroy things fast.
She is good friend with everyone and is one of the only once who can stop the pranks of Cysgod.

And as last we got my Absol.
His name is Aron he’s pretty quiet and mystic.
He is strong and very smart and uses alot of his wisdom in battles.
He is good friends with Xbox 360 and Sylvie but he isn’t good buddies with Cysgod.
Aron also like to see Cysgod suffering but doesn’t let anyone know that…. In fact Aron is a Dark type Pokémon.

I have more Pokémons but these are the strong once and my main team.
Every one is already at lv 50 or 46 and I want to make the 8 gym cry so wish me good luck.

Down here is a drawing of Cysgod making up to Sylvie.
Sylvie hugs him and want her to get off before the cute charm starts working.
She refuse to let go and he will not hurt her…yet!

Pokémon doodles

HA…HA…EEUUU…Funny story..
Well you see my little brother didn’t only made me play Pokémon again but also draw it again…..
O My Creator!
My little brother Pokeron gave me the old saphire Pokémon game.
I did played the old silver and enjoy it so much until….it crashes…. the battery run dry. 😦
I also played Pokémon White and the updated Soul silver.
But this game changed my view on Pokémon… for the first time it really felt like an RPG game instead of gotta catch them all game.
I really gave my Pokémons real human names and even talked to my DS……NO…THAT’S NO WEIRD AT ALL!!!
This means more to me than any other Pokémon game…well Pokémon White has all my Pokémons in it but I love playing Saphire more.
The game story is great and you can give funny comment while playing.
I’m not going to spoiler that much but you all should play the old Pokémon Saphire.
Down here I draw Skitty and Sableye (Eneko and Yamirami).
So that all of you know My fav Pokémon is Sableye. ^o^

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