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Remake | FNAL AU!!!

Welcome B-back my dear lost friends!
I-I-we are happy to see you all A-again!
T-th-time for the brand N-New! remake!!!!
Well G-greate! S-seeeeeeeeeeeeeadjsfdugvhufidhgviuehgenrjgnvkfjdgbfb

I’m doing redesigns for the FNAL AU characters because I want the project to return again.
I changed Lichtningbolt from Lightningfox to Lightningnette.
Why you ask?
Because the Marionette is more a like to Lichtningbolt then Foxy!
Marionette plays smart mean and OP just like someone we know.
Lichtningbolt would be a great master mind to the FNAL AU then a derpy person.
I will see if I can find more people to join the FNAL AU.
Because I still need a few characters.
Mike schmidt.
Michel afton.
Purple guy and springtrap. yes two oc’s for one person.
Phone guy.

But for now let’s focus on school!


Doodles with friends | SONIC WORLD

Drew some sonic world characters.
well more fan characters like Pokeron and Fire blue etc…
Pokeron and Lichtningbolt falling….well Lichtningbolt can fly…good luck Pokeron!

Fire blue and Painted rose doodle.

FNAL 3 concept art/designs

FNAL 3 digital animation project.
These are some of the images I was going to use in the animation.
I’m actualy very sad when I look back at this.
I had so much to do and so many idea’s but then something came in between and I couldn’t finish it anymore.
And I never did finished it.
I stopped and then tried to pick it up again but than school came in like NOPE… And now… My new art style don’t match with it.
I probaly have to start all over again or just learn to let it go… I hate doing that.
I really wish that I can finish it one day because I also want to make a FNAL 4 animation.
Maybe I just have to wait and learn how to get along with a 3D program and do a reboot of everything.
I will see what I will do with the project but I will never delete it.
This will be usefull one day.
Until that day i will try to figure out for what!

111-26 111-31 111-79 kopie-2-van-naamloos-kopie-5-copy kopie-2-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-3-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-4-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-5-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-6-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-8-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-15-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-16-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-17-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-18-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-22-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-23-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-24-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-25-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-26-van-naamloos-kopie-5 kopie-van-left-to-die pokeron

FNAL 3 concept art/designs

These are the designs and concept art of the FNAL 3 animation.
Fan animation of FNAF 3.
Characters in this animation are:
Lightning bolt Creator Guardian. Pokeron Pokemaster, Presend, Rain the hedgehog, Trashie the dog, Sylvia the cat and Angel the hedgehog.
Sad that i couldn’t finish the animation.

guess_who_are_here____by_lichtningbolt-d8osk37 fnaf_3_trashie_by_lichtningbolt-d8knjan fnaf_3_stormandecartooniste___sylvia___by_lichtningbolt-d8knia5 fnaf_3_rain_by_lichtningbolt-d8knbfc fnaf_3_presend_by_lichtningbolt-d8knhwz fnaf_3_pokeron_by_lichtningbolt-d8knh1x fnaf_3_lichtningbolt_by_lichtningbolt-d8ke0e7fnaf_3_angel_by_lichtningbolt-d8lrwuz