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My little sisters pony | customized pony

My little sister likes the My Little Pony Fluffle puff a lot.
So we took one pinkie pie and made it a fluffle puff.
I didn’t had the right tools for it but she still was happy with it.
Jade fluffelpuf Fluffy_pony


MLP fan art

As some of you all ready noticed I like My Little Pony.
I also like to draw the characters of the show.
So the two ponies who I drew are Pinkie pie (well Pinkamena diane pie) and Princess Twilight sparkle.
So fan art for the bronies and  pegasisters.

mikamena twilight

Old Lichtningbolt Speedpaint

I can remember drawing this one.
I was working on the story of Lightning bolt Creator Guardian (Lichtningbolt for short)
The story behind this picture is that Rachel star one of the best friend of Lichtningbolt died a long time ago.
But Lichtningbolt can’t let go of the past.
It is to inportandt and one of the most saddest deaths in Lichtningbolt’s life.
I drew this because I wanted to draw Lichtningbolt standing by Rachel stars tombstone as a solid reminder of Rachel stars death.

sad lichtningbolt

Want to watch the speedpaint link is down here!