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Hi you all must be confused…what the hell is this….weeeeeellllllllll…..let me explain.
Like my title says it’s a school project.
We had one of these Netwerk weeks and the meaning of the week is to learn how to use different type of skills to create something good.
The project became known as: PROJECT SHARA!
I got a video with some interesting facts and animations.
Disclaim…….the video is Dutch and has no sub.
It’s also on my Dutch school projects channel…..so sorry.
here’s a link to the video for the Q&A
I’ll translate all the answers for you.


The story of Shara is a story that is actually mixed with a theater example of school.
But the story can really be true.

SHARA was actually 17 years old, but I changed that to something younger.

Shara’s father had money but not enough…basically poor.

The alarm is the Dutch air alarm.

Yes, I’m not so good at other cultures, but i like them though!
Are nice people …. sorry if I insult you with my choice of culture drawing style.

No, I do not know if the red cross is really in Turkey.

The dolls are 5 € and the bracelets would be 1.50 € if the project had won.

We became 2nd of the class.

Our group is called the pietjes.

Why Shara with an H …. So I found the name online at a baby names site for other cultures.

Max is the blond guy and Daniel the black hair guy.

The film first had other dolls like the max, Lisa and Daniel. but because this would be too expensive, I had to cut that out because teacher wanted that.

The bag and key …. well …
The key is for secrets that the child keep. the secret of the misery they are facing. a painful secret that conceals them.
The bag has a dairy that contains the secrets. Without the key you can not see them. the bag stands for burden they wear.
It’s sometimes scary what a smile can hide, isn’t it!?

Shara is wearing pink because I’m an idiot who could not get a better color. Sorry for the people …… my mistake but yes her sister is orange and her mother blue. I do not even know what I thought. xD

Yes, the drawings were too small. and they are made in krita.

This video has been edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

end Q&A


It’s that time of school again | SCHOOL PROJECT

With school I got these project I need to make.
Why? well so that I learn how to use Adobe stuff.
I mean I drew in paint like in for ever then in Photoshop cs3 then paint and now mostly in Krita.
Soooooooo, we finished chapter Indesign and now the Photo shop project has started.
For this project we needed to mix two animal or people into one.
I created a TNTer a Griffin and a Hedghog Da Sanic.
I like the Griffin the most I guess.
Tell me which one you like the most and why?
I would love to hear some feed back to this …..mess… xD

Design for apple juice | School project

My teacher from the sector GREEN came to me and asked me to make a design and final project for the apple juice that they made.
I was very happy with the idea of doing something else than school work.
I first drew the backgrounds and the tree the software I used was sumo paint online.
School doesn’t have photoshop. U-U
I had a lot of troubble with the software but I made it!
I then drew the logo of my school in MS paint.
Afther that I drew Superkat, Lover girl and me as little humans.
Just placing it at the right place and done I made the label for apple juice.
The apple juice was selled at the opening day of school on 4 feb, 2017.
 background clouds      apple_treedgdfgdfgappletreemijn_porta_logomet_logologo_design_oneappelsap logo fles 2.0