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Digging up the past | SONIC UNIVERSE ART!!!!

Yo I was looking back at Lichtningbolt’s story…
And stumbled on this faggot again… Who still remembers this bitchy cat?
Well I do!
Eliza the cat…
She’s a spy and was send out to either kill or catch Lightning bolt Creator Guardian (Lichtningbolt for short)
She first went for catch but after failing many times she goes for the kill.
That fails too…
As she becomes obsessed with killing lichtningbolt to the point she actually managed to get a good hit on lichtningbolt….
(this fight was also her last as lichtningbolt in the OG old story kills her by cutting her head head off and erased her soul from existence)
But… Imma change that…. Because… Reasons… So in the change I let her live longer but also give her a more shit suck ass life and character insane development….xD
More info in next post!


Name: Elizabeth the cat. (Eliza is short version)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Work / Job: Spy / Assassin.
Personality: Strict, No joker, Hateful, Serious, Can be kind sometimes.


Male Lightningbolt and sonic….. because why not…..

So I’m going to do this…
When lichtningbolt gets rid of the previous dimensions guard soul… (Aka Jade the guardian)
Jade decides to go to the next person near by… Eliza….
Jade starts to make her more insane by possessing her and make her do cruel things to get the Guardians attention…..
The plan works and Lichtningbolt attention is now focused on Defeating Jade / Eliza…
This goes on for a few battles after a while Lichtningbolt snaps (revealing for the first time to everyone the true Lightning bolt Creator Guardian form….than
Totally rips this shit out of Eliza / jade and erases both their souls from existence and kills two enemies at once… dab
This ending gives us time to meet Elzia and to give her character development and time to hate Jade more and it makes the end even more satisfying!!


Bing a guardian is a lot more than just fun!

Eyyyyy I keep digging up the past!
It’s yeah boi Lightron!!!!
It’s the fusion of Lightning bolt creator guardian and Pokeron…
Lichtningbolt is owned by: ME
Pokeron is owned by: www.instagram.com/yo_boy_ronin…
Lightron is a very fun dude… 
And in the past we didn’t had a lichtningbolt male design but now we do…
so lightron (who has always been male) has a better design! Yay

Just a doodle of Femlae lichtningbolt in sonic universe with it’s scythe!


Infinite doodles | SONIC WORLD

I drew some doodles with our new edge lord sonic character.
The slap with sonic is from a funny video named Infinite boss battle.
The with Mephiles was just my mind doing stuff. xD
Poor sonic world this character kick ass man!

Doodles with friends | SONIC WORLD

Drew some sonic world characters.
well more fan characters like Pokeron and Fire blue etc…
Pokeron and Lichtningbolt falling….well Lichtningbolt can fly…good luck Pokeron!

Fire blue and Painted rose doodle.

New design Lightning bolt Creator Guardian

I thought that is was time for a new look.
Lightning bolt Creator Guardian you got a new look now.
So bye bye old crapy stuff and hello new Lichtningbolt.
The update is not only on the MLP and Sonic AU shape but on every shape.
The cutie mark has an Update: the cutiemark is a purple wing with a lightning bolt element on it and the dimesnions as little purple balls around the edges of the wing.
Lichtningbolt has a the scarf of her death friend Rachel star.
The scarf is not only a scarf but also her hole crown set that Rachel star made for her in the past.
Lichtningbolt sonic AU has more then three spikes and has an update on the gloves, she wears no gloves actually it all bandage.
but that’s it for now I hope you all like it because I love it.

lichtningbolt_update_version__by_lichtningbolt-da76onv new_look_for_hedgehog_lichtningbolt_by_lichtningbolt-da76oxn we_are_not_forgotten____by_lichtningbolt-dagkobl

2013 VS 2015

Here are my sonic au characters from 2013.
I redrew them in 2015 so that poeple could see the difference in now and back then.
These characters are not in a story but just random characters what can be owned by people who need an OC for the Sonic AU.
(Some of them are already claimed)
I will do a redraw this year because it is 2 years later from the previous redraw.
This is a thing I will do every 2 years until I’m sick of it. 😀

old_and_new_tina_by_lichtningbolt-d8vkq0x old_and_new_sparkle_by_lichtningbolt-d8vkq3s old_and_new_ronin_by_lichtningbolt-d8vkqmf old_and_new_pieke_by_lichtningbolt-d8vkqwz old_and_new_mileena_by_lichtningbolt-d8vkpff old_and_new_hammie_by_lichtningbolt-d8vkpse old_and_new_freezer_by_lichtningbolt-d8vkpk3 old_and_new_daantje_by_lichtningbolt-d8vkpve old_and_new_becky_by_lichtningbolt-d8vkp1y old_and_new_aurora_by_lichtningbolt-d8vkqix old_and_new_____by_lichtningbolt-d8vkq8v