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Birthday gifts | SPEEDPAINT!!!

Some cool speedpaint birthday gifts for some really cool friends of mine!
I really like making these ( if my laptop just doesn’t crashes!)

Link to my youtube channel to check out the video’s :


Shadowkin speedpaint | HAHAHAHA I’M BACK!!!!!

I once drew Shadowkin in the beginning of my School.
I drew him very nice back there but regret the fact that I didn’t record it!
Now a few month later I was about to make the same mistake….BUT NOT NOW!!! NOT AGAIN!!!
I started OBS and Recored the hole thing accept the sketch….woops!
Anyway! I really love how it truned out you really can see the difference between before and now!
Well this was made for Shiz and giggles …..for no real reason!
But I started to write on the story again! so I’ll think I change the cover to this one! looks more….AWSOME!
Anyway time to go!

Mephiles and Infinite fan art | SONIC WORLD SPEEDPAINT!

With this new Infinite Character in the new Sonic game there would be a chance that sonic will survive 2017.
Also the first thing I thought when I saw Infinite was Mephiles……Yeah that’s right!
Mephiles the dark from sonic 06!
So I opened Krita and started to make fan art with the two new bas ass edge lord characters from the sonic games!
Can’t wait for sonic forces!
Speedpaint: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ2WdqyQ0HfcZVJFjekFZFw?view_as=subscriber

We passed our exam!

So I wanted to thank and give them something!
I drew every main character and /or orginal character on one page as reward for passing their and my exam!
I hope they like it!
O ond I made it to a speedpaint! 😀

The five magical elements digital drawing

I needed to draw them on the pc.
I wanted a clear shot of the digital version of the TFME.
So I made a base Female and Male so that I could draw them all in a basic pose.
these ar the S2 (season 2) designs for the Five Magical Elements.
I also give them a order from first to last.
First means the one how got created first and last the last one who got created.
Poseida the water element, Torch the five element, Tierra the earth element, Phantom the air element and Cysgod the dark element.
I also uploaded the pixel version of the characters.
This was also a huge Speedpaint project so if you have nothing to do and want to watch a speedpaint of 43:51 minutes long than all you need to do is clicking here.

                  Poseida (1) Poseida (2) Torch (1) Torch (2)

Kopie van Tierra (1) Kopie (3) van all base
Phantom (1) Phantom (3)

Cysgod (1) Cysgod (2)

Lightning bolt Creator Guardian speedpaint new look

I gave Lichtningbolt a new look so I wanted to show you all how it looks like in color.
I did make a speedpaint about it but the cutiemark wasn’t updated back there.
The speedpaint is a bit older than these drawings down here but it is the same drawing.
So here you go Lightning bolt Creator Guardain in color.
Want to see the speedpaint click the drawing below.