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Just some spoopy doodles | HALLOWEEN AU!!

Some doodles of my Halloween AU.
I tried different poses and some more character showing.
I like how they all turned out.
Also the easter egg is funny.


Two epic drawings | HALLOWEEN AU!

Just two drawings of my Halloween AU.
The first one is drawn on the phone.
The second late at night!


HalloTober | HALLOWEEN AU!!!!!

So in October everyone makes these Inktober drawings.
But I don’t understand the word of Inktober that well.
I decided to create my own Inktober named HalloTober which is a daily challenge of my Halloween AU.

I still need to make the last one but Homework got in the way so don’t worry that will come soon….I hope!


1: shadowkin
2: reaping shadow
3: stitchy cat
4: copycats
5: mid silver
6: leslie
7: agent Woof
8: mummy
9: zombie
10: Jennifer
11: nick
12: daughter of mad scientist
13: possessed doll
14: enchantress
15: witch
16: vampire boy
17: vampire girl leader
18: shadowbats alfa
19: forest walker
20: reaping shadow VS shadowkin
21: mummy with stitchy cat
22: reaping shadow with enchantress and copycats
23: shadowkin and forest walker
24: mummy and daughter of mad scientist
25: alfa shadow bat VS reaping shadow
26: pissed doll with sgadowkin
27: mid silver possessed leslie
28: me
29: shadowkin and leslie
30: Jennifer VS nick
31: all characters


What does that girl even carry with her….. sor made a spelling mistake….
TT-TT my fault…

O the pumpkin has a name now his name is Shadowkin….it’s the one that won in the poll so okay…
And the cat guy is named Stitchy cat.
SO this is a comic of Reaping shadow and Shadowkin…
this is one of Reaping shadows hunting moments…..so weird shit comes up with those two!
I really like this I hope some one wants to DUB this!  ^.^

Holy shiiiiiitttttt

New character with no name yet!

A new character for the Halloween AU thing.
It’s a male no name yet and no backstory….good job me!
It is tortoiseshell kat…got it?! 😀
I have no Idea what or where to add him but I will make him one of those ladies’ man.
Why because I think that would be funny and especially when he meets Reaping shadow.