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Birthday gifts | SPEEDPAINT!!!

Some cool speedpaint birthday gifts for some really cool friends of mine!
I really like making these ( if my laptop just doesn’t crashes!)

Link to my youtube channel to check out the video’s :


Superkat the fairy Christmas mother | CHRISTMAS PEOPLE!!!!!

What? you have seen this before?????
You’re crazy!……
No just kidding I have drew Superkat like this before!
Remember Christmas special 2015 and 2016!?
Here have some drawings of Superkat……I love to draw him like this.
It’s so cute!
Also great to think back to all the fun we had designing Superkat’s clothes and personality.
He is a great hyper active character!
I really like the Christmas special 2016 outfit though….anyway I have to draw fast right!?

Remake | FNAL AU!!!

Welcome B-back my dear lost friends!
I-I-we are happy to see you all A-again!
T-th-time for the brand N-New! remake!!!!
Well G-greate! S-seeeeeeeeeeeeeadjsfdugvhufidhgviuehgenrjgnvkfjdgbfb

I’m doing redesigns for the FNAL AU characters because I want the project to return again.
I changed Lichtningbolt from Lightningfox to Lightningnette.
Why you ask?
Because the Marionette is more a like to Lichtningbolt then Foxy!
Marionette plays smart mean and OP just like someone we know.
Lichtningbolt would be a great master mind to the FNAL AU then a derpy person.
I will see if I can find more people to join the FNAL AU.
Because I still need a few characters.
Mike schmidt.
Michel afton.
Purple guy and springtrap. yes two oc’s for one person.
Phone guy.

But for now let’s focus on school!

New art style | SUPER KAT

I drew the character of my best friend Superkat aka LA or aka N.
I wanted to draw him different instead of the sonic art style I used every time I drew him as full cat!…..
I started to draw shizz in a live stream and drew this!
I really like it because it’s something new and not just the same.
I all ways wonder how He real could look like in a none sonic art style!
Glad I got my answer!
Als If you like reading stuff on the internet than go follow my friend on watt pad!
He has awesome stories as in the Dutch and English!

Also the two here are just thing I wanted to test out!

We passed our exam!

So I wanted to thank and give them something!
I drew every main character and /or orginal character on one page as reward for passing their and my exam!
I hope they like it!
O ond I made it to a speedpaint! 😀


I’m finally done with it!
But I have the feeling I meesed up the last Exam of Nature and Chemistry.
On my school Nature and Chemistry are one school subject not two.
So I tried my best I may do it one more time over to see if I can make it this time!
Also I’m at 900 € of the 1500 € for my studdy!
So this vacation I’ll be working a lot….hey I got a dream and I am going to hunt it!
Not follow! why? Well it keeps running faster and faster…..but I’m not letting go of it…
Not when I’m so close!

Design for apple juice | School project

My teacher from the sector GREEN came to me and asked me to make a design and final project for the apple juice that they made.
I was very happy with the idea of doing something else than school work.
I first drew the backgrounds and the tree the software I used was sumo paint online.
School doesn’t have photoshop. U-U
I had a lot of troubble with the software but I made it!
I then drew the logo of my school in MS paint.
Afther that I drew Superkat, Lover girl and me as little humans.
Just placing it at the right place and done I made the label for apple juice.
The apple juice was selled at the opening day of school on 4 feb, 2017.
 background clouds      apple_treedgdfgdfgappletreemijn_porta_logomet_logologo_design_oneappelsap logo fles 2.0