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Moolestia and Solaris | TFME

I was listening to the lullaby of the moon song when I then came up with this idea!
The TFME islands are floating above a void so the sun and moon are turning around the islands.
Not like our earth here!
So the moon and sun are going void in and out but they need someone to control them right?
So thanks to the song I came up with Mooslestia the moon and as counter partner Solaris the sun.
They will be the main thing in the 5 game as they are very old but never heard of after the element war.
Which is at leas 3000 years old.
Moolestia is blue black and Solaris gold orange.
Moolestia has silver blood and Solaris gold.



I have bad news!
first off I have a bad sleeping pattern!
I fall a sleep when it’s 7:00 in the morning…….and wake up mostly at 12:00 which means I slept 5 hours.
Also my mind is going nuts about Idea’s but I can’t post that stuff yet!
I have a lot of health problems and I’m referring to my head.
I also had 100 subs but now it’s back to 99. darn!
I started to work with MMD but that failed as well and I’m not going to touch it for a while.
so with that being said I hope that school starts soon because I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!!!!
Anyway how is your day!?

Update on my elements | TFME

I gave and update to a few of my elements!
Poseida has a tiny bit longer hair…
Tierra has way longer hair and a small update on her clothes!
Cysgod got a some sorta cloak thing!
Also I got a new drawing program! it’s named Krita and it’s free!
it kinda works like photoshop and well I drew them so I guess I kinda know how to go along with it!
Al tough I still need to learn how to draw better like making master art!

Lightning bolt Creator Guardian speedpaint new look

I gave Lichtningbolt a new look so I wanted to show you all how it looks like in color.
I did make a speedpaint about it but the cutiemark wasn’t updated back there.
The speedpaint is a bit older than these drawings down here but it is the same drawing.
So here you go Lightning bolt Creator Guardain in color.
Want to see the speedpaint click the drawing below.


New design Lightning bolt Creator Guardian

I thought that is was time for a new look.
Lightning bolt Creator Guardian you got a new look now.
So bye bye old crapy stuff and hello new Lichtningbolt.
The update is not only on the MLP and Sonic AU shape but on every shape.
The cutie mark has an Update: the cutiemark is a purple wing with a lightning bolt element on it and the dimesnions as little purple balls around the edges of the wing.
Lichtningbolt has a the scarf of her death friend Rachel star.
The scarf is not only a scarf but also her hole crown set that Rachel star made for her in the past.
Lichtningbolt sonic AU has more then three spikes and has an update on the gloves, she wears no gloves actually it all bandage.
but that’s it for now I hope you all like it because I love it.

lichtningbolt_update_version__by_lichtningbolt-da76onv new_look_for_hedgehog_lichtningbolt_by_lichtningbolt-da76oxn we_are_not_forgotten____by_lichtningbolt-dagkobl